Privacy Policy


We, at Webkar Digital Solution. and its wholly-owned subsidiaries (collectively, “we” or “the “Company”), are committed to guarding the privacy of our business partners who are licensed to use our software (“the “Software”) on their internal network (“you” or “Client”) and our client’s end users which have access to any of the information resources monitored by our Software (“End Users”).

We encourage you and your End Users to read this “Software Privacy Policy” (“Privacy Policy”) carefully and use it to form informed decisions. By using our Software, you conform to the terms of this Privacy Policy, and your continued use of the Software constitutes your ongoing agreement to that.


Without derogating any of the terms and warranties of the Master License Agreement or Subscription Service Agreement and our website’s privacy policy, Client shall make sure that all End Users are informed of, and have given their consent to, Company’s use and process of any information, as detailed during this Privacy Policy, to the extent such consent is required by applicable law.


We collect two kinds of information after you or your End Users are using our Software:

  • The first form of information is individually identifiable information, namely, information that identifies a person or may with reasonable effort identify a private (“Personal Information”), which has the following:
  • Client’s Information: We may collect contact information (including Personal Information) from you once you register on our site, buy our newsletter, register for an occurrence, answer a survey, or fill out a form. Please review our policy so as to be told more about our privacy practices with relevance to the Client’s Personal Information.
  • Feedback: once you allow us (or our trusted third-party service providers) to receive your End Users’ feedback and rating with relevant Software (“Feedback”), we may gather Personal Information which can include the following: email address of the top User, End User’s full name, End User’s IP address, and therefore the Client’s email. additionally, we may collect Personal Information which your user voluntarily shares with us when he sends us Feedback (e.g., identifying content, images; etc.).
  • In order to produce a number of our Software as a Service (“SaaS”) products, we are going to collect metadata of your End Users, including IP addresses, MAC addresses, user agent, identifiers issued by Client, the path of files, and file names. Under certain privacy regulations, a number of this metadata may amount to private Information.
  • The second kind of information is unidentified and non-identifiable information per you or to your End Users, which can be made available or gathered via your use of the Software (“Non-Personal Information”). We don’t seem to be awake to the identity of the user from which the Non-Personal Information was collected.
  • Non-Personal Information which is being collected may include usernames, directory names, server names, share names, file names, configurations, logs associated with Software and Client (e.g. event logs), browsing events, and technical information transmitted by your device or your End Users’ devices, including certain software and hardware information (e.g., the sort of browser and software the device uses, language preference, time interval and therefore the name from which you or your End Users are linked to the Software; etc.).
  • In addition, after you allow us (or our trusted third-party service providers) to receive your End Users’ Feedback with respect to Software, we may gather Non-Personal Information which can include the following: Feedback rating, Feedback tags, Feedback text, browser type and language, package, viewport of the screen, page URL on which the Feedback has been given, a screenshot of the screen on which Feedback was provided (with all textual strings redacted), and our clients.
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